Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We stayed down here for Thanksgiving this year and Brad's parents came down from Wisconsin(and Bryan came over too). It was nice to have them here and Brad and I were also glad that we didn't have to travel again. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving and the long weekend. Our meal was really good, we got to relax a little, did some shopping, and of course watched a lot of football. How 'bout those Packers!!! Rylee and I were both dressed in our Packer gear, cheering on the Pack for the big game on Turkey day.

Brad's parents left on Saturday morning. Brad, Rylee and I did some more shopping on Saturday and also got a head start on Christmas decorations. We got all of our lights on outside and it looks so nice. I absolutely love this time of year!

On another note, Rylee rolled over for the first time last night. She went from her back to her belly. Brad and I both got to see it. She loves to kick her legs up in the air and she swings them to the side for momentum. I think she figured out that when she does that she can move around. I will put her on her activity mat laying one way and then a few minutes later she'll have moved 180 degrees and is now laying the opposite way. She's having fun kicking around!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 Months Old!

3 Months

Our little girl is 3 months old already! She is talking so much now! When I say talking, I mean all her noises that make up her own little language. It is so cute! She will look at you with a serious look on her face and talk to you like we are really having a conversation. I'll have to work on getting some video of her talking on the blog. And if she is not talking she is either blowing bubbles or stuffing something in her mouth...she loves her fists. She is also into grabbing things now, especially mom's hair. She has definitely figured out how to use her hands. Rylee is also very close to rolling over from her back to her belly. She rolls over to her side and uses her legs to kick in the air but she just quite hasn't made it all the way over on her own yet. I help her every once in awhile but the thing is once she gets to her belly she doesn't really like it. She is not a huge fan of tummy time, but we're working on it. Nothing has really changed as far as her sleeping. She still goes to bed somewhere between 8:30 - 9:00 and sleeps til around 4 AM. Everyonce in awhile she will sleep til 5 or 6 (or even 7 if she goes to bed late). She is also adapting to daycare pretty well. Miss Jaime says she is doing great! Mom, is doing a little better with it as well. Here are Rylee's 3 month pictures from this past week.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

End of the Season

Last Friday we traveled to Grand Rapids for the last NMU football game of the season. The season just flew by! They ended up 4-6 and very well could have won a few more that were close. That is one more win than last year so they are going in the right direction. Rylee was such a trooper this football season. She made it to 5 games and was good for all of them. She was a great traveler too. Next season might be a little more difficult cause she'll probably want to be running around rather than sleeping or just sitting and watching the games. It was so nice this season to see my family almost every other weekend! It is going to be hard now that football is over cause the visits are going to be more spread apart. It's tough living so far from home, especially when you have a little one. We had a great time in Grand Rapids this weekend. My mom, Brad, Vanessa, and Ben all came down. My dad even stayed down with us Saturday night. It was his first time ever not going home on the bus with the team. See what kind of affect Rylee has on her Grampa! Saturday night we went to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner and then came back and hung out at the pool. We dipped Rylee's feet in the jacuzzi but that was as close as she got to go swimming. She slept during the entire game and at dinner so she was awake til 11:00 with us down at the pool. Then she slept til 7 in the was great! Sunday morning we went to Krispy Kreme's for breakfast (it's Ben's favorite). Once again we had a wonderful weekend with the family.

It was pretty cold at the game but we had her all bundled up and she slept the entire game. After the game she was wide awake and she looked so cute with her rosy red cheeks.

Dad and Brad after their last game together.

Walking off the field together

Rylee and Uncle Brad, both smiling so nice

Rylee with Gramma and Grampa

Rylee always makes Grampa smile after the game, win or lose.

Rylee in her hat that Gramma made her

Auntie Ness put the Krispy Kreme hat on Rylee for her first Krispy Kreme experience

Since she couldn't eat any donuts, she had to settle for her fist...apparently that tastes pretty good too.

Playing with Grampa before we all head home

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rylee and Her Friends

Jaclynn, Jason, and Maddy came to visit us again the other weekend. Brad and a bunch of the guys had planned a trip to go to the Wisconsin vs. Ohio St. game. Jac, Maddy, Rylee and I got to hang out together all day Saturday. It was so nice to have some girl time together. Abby, Beau, Mindi, and Gracie also stopped by to "play" for a little while on Saturday too.

Beau (5 1/2 months), Rylee (almost 3 months), and Maddy (16 months)

Gracie (2 1/2 months), Beau, and Rylee

Saturday morning in their PJ's

Sunday morning in their PJ's

The Kreider's and Us in our Team Dustin shirts - "Keep On Keepin On"

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Rylee's 1st Halloween!
We did so much for Halloween this year! She had a Halloween party at daycare, we had a halloween parade on Sunday through the neighborhood (led by a firetruck which the kids loved), we had a party on our cul-de-sac with all the neighbors, and then of course trick or treating. For some of the events she was a pumpkin and the others she went as a puppy. We had 2 costumes for her (from my mom) so we went ahead and used them both. We thought she looked pretty darn cute in both of them. Here's a bunch of pictures from all of the festivities.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rylee Meets Noah!

Lesley, Jeff, and Noah came down from Chicago to visit us the weekend before Halloween. It was their first time meeting Rylee. We had a great time together! We pretty much just sat around on Saturday and watched a lot of football, played with the kids, had a Mexican dinner that they cooked for us, and even had a few margaritas! It was so fun to watch Noah and Rylee together. We had a little photo shoot with the two of them. It was hilarious because Noah kept going after Rylee's head and Rylee just put up with it. It was really cute! By the way, Lesley had these pictures posted on her blog 2 weeks ago...I'm so behind.

After all that fun Noah had playing with Rylee's head, he decided to hold her hand.