Thursday, May 13, 2010

Princess Rylee

The last few months Rylee has started to take a liking to princesses and "dress up". My mom got her a princess tent for Christmas and everyonce in awhile we get that out and she plays "princess". She also has a lot of princess accessories to go along with her tent.

Playing in her princess tent.

After playing in her tent for a little while she came out of her room with everything on including 3 necklaces, a princess sash, 3 purses and her cinderella shoes. Too cute!

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter morning we woke up and searched for the girls baskets and lots of eggs from the easter bunny. Rylee really got into the hunt this year! Sadie just kind of followed Rylee around.

Rylee found her big basket!

Sadie posing with her basket full of goodies too.

Sadie grabbed an egg from Rylee's basket and she looks SO proud!

She found all the eggs and couldn't be happier!

Rylee loves the peanut butter cup eggs, just like her mama!

I gave up candy for lent this year. I made sure the Easter bunny brought lots of peanut butter cup eggs for us all! Good thing cause Rylee was certainly claiming all of "hers".
After that we went to church, then came home and took some pictures of the girls in their pretty Easter dresses. Then we enjoyed a nice Easter brunch with our friends the Dippold's.

I tried to get a cute one of the girls together in their dresses but I wasn't very successful. Why is it so hard to get them both to look and smile at the same time?!? Oh well, I tried.

Rylee and Grace looking pretty with their flowers.

The 4 of Us

Happy Easter!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Easter Bunny Comes to Kids Korner

On Good Friday, Kids Korner had an Easter party and the Easter Bunny came to it. Once again, some of the kids liked the bunny and some were scared as can be. Rylee didn't cry this year and actually gave the bunny a high five, but I couldn't get her to sit on his lap for a picture. Maybe next year.

Grace didn't want to sit on the bunny's lap either. So instead Rylee and Grace got their picture on Niki's lap, and close to the Easter bunny.

Sadie on the other hand thought thought the Easter bunny was pretty cool and she hung out for awhile on his lap.

She liked the Easter bunny so much that she even wanted ears like his :)

The bunny playing a game with the group.

Then he made balloon animals for them. Rylee loved that.

Sadie had a great time at the party.

She was all smiles!

Hanging out in the chair with her friend Anelia.

After the bunny left they went outside and found all the eggs that he hid.

Rylee and Hannah teaming up during their egg hunt.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 Months

10 months...getting to be so big!

At 10 months Sadie started to stand on her own for long periods of time and also take a few steps on her own. Some were pretty wobbly steps but she was definitely walking on her own. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she started walking early, she is always trying to keep up with Rylee and follow her around. She loves her big sister!
She also got 2 more teeth this month. So now she has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. She really doesn't like her baby food anymore so she is now on mostly all table foods. And believe it or not she loves her veggies (beans and peas) but doesn't really like fruit. She spits peaches, watermelon, pears, etc. out. I think its still a texture thing. So we still do give her some fruit from the baby containers.

Sadie also LOVES to be outside! She will go to one of our doors and start banging on it cause she wants to go out. Once she is outside, she loves to explore. Her favorite thing is to grab your finger and take you for a walk wherever she wants to go. She is a busy, busy girl!

Looking cute and all clean after her bath.

Sweet and innocent (at least here she is).

I probably shouldn't put this picture up of their bare bums but I thought the picture (and the moment) was so cute. There was a big rainbow outside and we pulled up the blinds so the girls could check it out. Rylee's showing Sadie the rainbow and explaining what it is ("all the colors in the sky" she explained to Sadie). Sadie actually seemed pretty interested in what Rylee had to say.

*On a side note, I know I am SO far behind but I did not give up on my blog. I actually wanted to post this one for awhile but I wanted to include some video's of her walking and from the bathtub but I can't get it to work. So hopefully I'll figure it out and post some video of her soon. I've got a lot more posts to catch up on too! Aghh, if only there was more time in a day :)