Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The rest of Memorial Day weekend was HOT! It was the first weekend that our neighborhood pool opened so it was fun to finally get to use it! Sunday my dad and Brad went to the Indy 500 and the rest of us just hung out and enjoyed the weather!

Sadie Bear was the first one in and the rest were right behind her.

Uncle Brad teaching Sadie how to use a squirt gun...look out! least that's what she calls it :)

They loved getting rides on Uncle Brad's back, they were all giggles!

The ball went over the fence and the kids cheered on Uncle Brad as he went and "rescued" it for them.

When we weren't swimming, Quincy like to drive the jeep around. He didn't care if it was a pink Barbie jeep he just thought it was pretty cool that he could drive it.

My mom, dad, Bailey and Quincy left Monday but Brad and Dana stayed most of the day to hang out with us. The girls got to use their new princess pool from Q!

The hose water is a lot colder than our neighborhood pool water but that's ok, it didn't take them long to get used to it.

Sadie had a blast swinging around with Dana and Brad!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sadie's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Sadie's birthday party Saturday night of Memorial day weekend. My parents and my brother and his girlfriend all came down for the weekend. The weather was nice all weekend...but unfortunately it decided to rain Saturday night. Luckily it just rained a little so we were still able to use our screened in porch and at least be outside a little. Sadie had a lot of fun at her party and I have tons of pictures from throughout the night.

Happy 2nd Birthday pretty girl! We love you Sadie Bear!

This one of her laughing is my favorite from the night. She just started doing this where she covers her mouth like that when she laughs real hard. Its so dang cute...haha!

It was a Dora and Boots themed party. She loves "Boots" so that's why I had to mention him.

Like most 2 year olds, she loves balloons! This one was her favorite out of them all because Dora and Boots were on there. She played with this one a lot (and it lasted forever)!

Rylee and Quincy looking cute, sitting in the princess chairs.

Sadie with Gramma and Grampa...I'm not sure what kind of face she is making but it was the best shot I got.

Sadie with her Godparents (the Dippold's)...I forgot to get a picture of her with Brad and I...since I'm always the one taking the pictures I forget that sometimes.

The kids eating their dinner so they can have cake later.

Sadie had so much fun opening her presents this year! Last year she didn't really care for it but this year she sure did. Here Grampa is giving her her first present to was a Dora and boots doll (from Auntie Nessa and Quincy) and she was so excited, she couldn't get it out of the bag fast enough.

Uncle Brad and Dana got her a princess crown, tutu and purse that all matched. She put the crown on and did a little dance for all of us with it on...wish I would've had my video camera on for that one.

This present was for Rylee and Sadie from Quincy. He got them a big princess pool, which they got to use that weekend and they loved it! He was so proud of his gifts and couldn't wait for the girls to open them, so cute!

She got a really cool Schwinn tricycle from the Dippold's.

She loved her "Sadie" step stool from the Kreider's. Rylee has one with her name on it from them so Sadie thought it was cool that she had one now too..."we match!" she said.

Giving hugs and kisses to Gramma and saying thanks for her basketball hoop. Thanks to everyone for coming and all the wonderful gifts.

Cake time!

Looking at the cake and "lightly" blowing as we sing happy birthday.

That's better, she got it!

Rylee and Q wanted to check out the cake too. They were all claiming the little figurines on the cake and what piece they want.

As you can see from that smile, she liked the cake, and had a great time at her party!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids Korner Graduation

We are truly so lucky to have found such a great daycare four years ago! The girls go to an in-home daycare so they get to be together all day and not split up into different classrooms like they would be in a center (this is important to me). They get all the love from an in-home daycare but its also run like a center. They do field trips, have guest speakers, have theme weeks, do daily centers based off of a pre-school curriculum, have parties for holiday's and birthdays, and even do an end of the school year graduation program. Thanks Kids Korner for another great year!

Here they are getting ready to start the program. It is so cute to see all the kids in their caps and gowns!

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Its impressive how young these kids learn this. Rylee has known it for awhile and Sadie even knows some of the words. They say it every morning so I guess repetition does help! All 5 of the "big kids" in the front row had to take turns leading the class in a song. Rylee lead the class in singing "The days of the week" song. She stepped up and started singing and I was so proud of her. She is pretty shy and there were lots of parents there so I wasn't sure if she was going to do it, but she did it no problem!

My "little graduates"

She is getting so big to me so quickly and when you go and put a cap and gown on her...she even seems older!

My big girl!

Sadie couldn't keep her cap on, it kept sliding off...but she sure did look cute either way!

Sadie had so much fun at graduation!

They all got down on the floor and counted down from 10...then they jumped off and shouted BLAST OFF!

This is the same picture as above but I zoomed in on the girls! All 3 of them have their mouths wide open and I thought it was a cute moment I caught.

They had noisemakers and confetti for at the end of graduation.

Being silly with their 2011 glasses on.

After the program they had a party with treats for everyone. Here is Rylee with her buddies Grace and Hannah. Hannah really "graduated" from Kids Korner and will be heading to kindergarten next year. Rylee already misses her.

During the graduation program Ms. Jaime gives each kid an award for the year and explains why they are getting it. Rylee received "Most Artistic" because she LOVES craft time and she is very good at coloring and writing her name and all the letters. Sadie received "Most Outgoing" because she is friends with everyone, very happy, and always ready to try new things and have a good time. I thought these awards were very fitting for my girls and really shows their different personalities, haha.

Rylee: Most Artistic

Sadie: Most Outgoing

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mother's Day

I am one lucky, lucky mama!!! I feel so blessed to have 2 healthy beautiful girls that I love more than anything!! My girls make me smile everyday! Yes, they definitely can push my buttons too, but they bring SO much more happiness to my world! I am so thankful for my babes!
I am also so thankful for my mom who has taught me what being a good mom and love is all about. When you become a mom yourself you realize it's not an easy job and it sure makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have the mom that I do!

I LOVE YOU Rylee and Sadie!

Rylee was so proud of her card and what she wrote on it. She recently learned how to write I love you and draw the hearts. It's so cute that I had to take a picture.

The inside of the card. She does such a good job with her's and Sadie's name. She knows how to spell them and doesn't even need any help now.

Rylee and Sadie went with Brad to the mall to pick out my mother's day present. They bought me a "R" and a "S" pandora beads for my bracelet. They were so excited about this! Rylee kind of gave me a hint on what she got me a few days before mother's day. I took her to the store with me to get my mom a bead too. When we walked in the store she asked me "Mom, what does Bailey start with?" I said B why? She said "I think we should get Gramma a bead with a B on it. She'd like that" It was really cute but I kind of put two and two together, haha.