Thursday, April 14, 2011

Indy Children's Museum

We are very lucky to live close to one of the World's Largest Children's Museum. It is great for the kids, especially in the winter when there is not a whole lot to do here. While my mom, Vanessa, and Quincy were here we all went and checked out the museum. The kids had a blast! Between my sister and I we took way too many pictures but they show how much there is to do there!
They have a Dora and Diego exhibit right now. The girls (and even Quincy) love watching Dora!

Sadie loves Boots! She calls the show Boots instead of Dora. She'll stand in front of the TV and say "Boots, Boots, Boots" over and over.

They also have a Barbie exhibit right now, which of course Rylee loved!!! There were hundreds of Barbies for her to look at!

Rylee and Quincy answering the phones at Barbie's desk.

Our favorite part of the Barbie exhibit was the Runway! The kids all LOVED it!

My girls working the runway!

Really working it now!

Quincy even put on a tutu and joined in on the fun! Haha!

Quincy and Sadie also enjoyed taking the pictures.

My little photographer

Rylee and Gramma designing Barbie's clothes. This is right up Rylee's alley, she could've done that for hours.

Sadie working on a masterpiece of her own.

Of course we had to take pictures in the race car to show Grampa!

I think we are going to have to get a sandbox for our yard this year because Sadie loved playing with the sand! She didn't want to leave it.


Quincy found a big tractor to play on.

My favorite part is the carousel!

Waving to daddy!

We were there all morning/afternoon, well past nap time. We had so much fun but as you can see it wore us all out!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Baking with Gramma

My mom, Vanessa, and Quincy came down in the middle of February to stay with us for a week. It was SO nice to have them down here!!! We hadn't seen them since Christmas so we were so excited to see them again. We did a lot of fun stuff together! The kids and Gramma baked brownies one day and cupcakes another day. Yummy!
Sadie's ready to get started.

Rylee's actually getting good at cracking the eggs.

So proud of herself. Gramma brought down party hats but Rylee was the only one who really kept hers on.

Everyone stirring at once.

Now its time to see if its any good.

I think they liked it!

As you can see they had fun baking...and eating the batter!