Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sadie's Baptism Weekend

We had Sadie's baptism on Sunday, December 6th. Sadie's Godparents are our next door neighbor's and great friends, Ryan and Mindi Dippold. They are very special people in our lives and we are so happy to have them as Sadie's Godparents.

We love you Sadie Lee!

Our family picture before we went to church. I am glad we decided to get a picture before church because Rylee was tired and crabby after the mass and ceremony so we didn't get any good family pictures.

Sadie and her Godparents

"Godparents are a special gift of love,
blessed by God above,
helping in every way,
to guide me in God's way."

I had to include this picture too. It shows Ryan's fun personality :)

A group shot with Father Phil

Our family and the Dippold family

Sadie was such a good girl all through mass and the ceremony. A little wiggly and nosy at times but that's normal for her. She didn't cry or fuss at all. Rylee on the other hand did not like when Father Phil got too close to Sadie. During the baptism, with us all standing in front of the church, Rylee actually told Father Phil "no, no, no" when he was baptizing Sadie and pouring the holy water on her. Luckily Father Phil is a good sport and laughed and said that Sadie has a good big sister who is watching out for her. It was kind of funny though.

I thought this picture was pretty neat with the cross and light in the background.

All bundled up after the ceremony.

Sadie was fast asleep (and so was Rylee) by the time we got home.

After the ceremony we came back and had an Italian dinner and cake and ice cream at our house. Unfortunately none of our family was able to make it down for the weekend but our great friends, the Kreider's (Rylee's Godparents) were able to make it. We were so glad that they came and joined us for Sadie's baptism weekend. It meant a lot to us to have them there as well. We are so blessed to have such great friends and to have them be a special part in both of our daughters' lives.

I really wanted to get a picture of all the girls dressed up on Sunday but since my girls fell asleep right after the baptism I never got a picture. But we did get some other pictures from the weekend.

The 4 of them in their jammies Saturday morning. Its funny cause they all have the same "duh" look on their face .

Maddy and Rylee enjoying their suckers.

Saturday night we had our "Christmas party" together. We always have a gift exchange with the Kreider's. Once again they spoiled our girls. The Little People Nativity Set was "the gift to give" this year. We got it for Maddy and Mylee, the Kreider's got it for Rylee, and the Dippold's got it for Sadie. None of us knew that we were giving it to each other so it was kind of funny. All the girls love it though so that is good. Rylee talks about Baby Jesus now all the time.

Maddy loved her Baby Alive doll.

Rylee's enjoying opening her gifts too.

The 6 of us Girls

I love these girls!

Thanks to the Dippold's and Kreider's for making this a special weekend for our family. Thanks to Jason for taking all the pictures too!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Bathtub

Once Sadie started sitting up good we stopped using the baby bathtub and put her in the "big tub" with Rylee. She likes it so much more. The first few times she would just sit there and splash and watch Rylee, it was pretty easy. But now she is getting more comfortable and brave in there and she is all over. She will reach for a toy, or reach for Rylee, or try to stand on the side. So as you can imagine we have to keep a pretty good eye on her (and hands close by). Its fun though and easier than doing 2 separate baths.

Such a big girl!

She doesn't really mind when we dump the water over her either. She makes a little face or rubs her eyes sometimes but doesn't fuss.

Both girls

Although neither of them are smiling I thought this one was cute because Rylee put her arm around her on her own, it wasn't me telling her to do it.

Playing together

All done

Saturday, December 12, 2009

6 Months Old!

6 months old

Our little baby is already half a year old. Actually going on 7 months now since I am so late with doing this post. I try to do them on time but I get behind and time just flies by. I am just glad I get the posts up, I don't worry about being on time anymore.
Sadie is doing great. Unfortunately though when I brought her in for her 6 month wellness visit we found out she has an ear infection (her 2nd one). We had no clue. She showed absolutely no signs (no fever, no pulling on ears, wasn't fussy, and was sleeping through the night). Luckily the doc said it wasn't bad and we caught it early so that might be why she didn't show any signs. Or else we have a toughy on our hands who has a high pain tolerance. Other than that everything is fine. I would never have guessed this 6 months ago but she is a pretty skinny, long baby. Here's her measurements:
Weight: 15.6 ozs (39th %)
Height: 26.75 in. (85th %)
Head: 42.5 cm (53rd %)
Sadie's favorite thing to do is still BOUNCE! She likes the jumperoo better than the exersaucer because she can bounce more. She is also quite the wiggle worm. She doesn't really cuddle much unless she is really tired. Otherwise when you hold her she is moving all around and always turning her head following what's going on. Very nosy.

Around 5.5 months Sadie started sleeping through the night (yeah!). It took 2 nights in a row of letting her cry herself back to sleep but then she got it and we've pretty much been good since. She usually goes to bed around 8 and gets up at 7 in the morning. I love getting a whole night sleep with no interuptions! Sadie always takes a little nap in the evenings on the way home from daycare. Lately, whenever she sleeps in the carseat she will either hold on to the side or the toy thats on the side. It's cute.

The girls continue to "play" together so well. Rylee loves to "show Sadie" or "help Sadie" with anything and everything. And Sadie loves when she gets her big sisters attention. The following 2 pictures are from a Saturday morning, hanging out in their PJ's playing together.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Disney On Ice

Last week Kids Korner (the girls daycare) took the kids to Disney On Ice. The babies stayed back and all the "big" kids got to go. I went along as a chaperon too. Miss Jaime got great tickets! We were at center ice and only a few rows up! Kids Korner bought all the tickets for the kids and the parents who went along. They are so great!

Rylee wasn't to sure about the show at first. The opening act was pretty loud and all the characters came out at once. She put her hands over her eyes and was peeking out to look. Then after a minute or so she turned around and said "I like it now." After that she loved it. All the kids were so good and really enjoyed the show. I'm glad I got to go because I enjoyed it too.

Big Smile!

The 2 of us

Mickey Mouse and the gang

Minnie Mouse (she was right in front of us)

All the Princess's and Prince's

Mickey and Minnie

The girls enjoying their snacks

Rylee waved to everyone who skated by us. It was cute.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tree Farm and Santa

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we went out to a local tree farm to get our Christmas tree. The weather wasn't that bad so it was a good day to be outside and get a tree. We took a hay ride around the tree farm and then we walked around looking at all the trees. Rylee liked the "little, little" ones (she says that so cute). We were going to cut down our own but we ended up finding one that we really liked that was pre-cut so we went with that one (probably easier anyways).

Rylee and Sadie checking out the "little, little" trees.

All bundled up.

Rylee looked adorable in her cute purple hat.

Like father like daughter

Like mother like daughter

After we finally picked a tree we went inside and Santa was there! We tried to get Rylee to sit on Santa's lap but she wanted nothing to do with that idea. She didn't cry but she definitely made it clear that she didn't want to sit on his lap. Sadie sat on his lap and I thought that might help but not so much. So instead, all four of us got our picture taken with Santa.

Sadie didn't mind sitting on Santa's lap. She told Santa she's been a very good girl this half a year :)

They were giving out free popcorn and hot chocolate so we sat down and enjoyed our treats. We thought maybe she would warm up to Santa during this time, and she did a little, but not enough to sit on his lap or shake his hand. Maybe next year.

Santa was getting closer to her and she was keeping her eye on him.

Then he came over and shook daddy's hand.

He tried to shake her hand but as you can see by the picture she was holding on to daddy's hand for dear life and looking at me like, help!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We stayed here this year for Thanksgiving and Brad's parents came down. They got here on Wednesday and left on Saturday morning. It was a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving. We watched the parades on TV in the morning (which Rylee loved), watched the Packer's beat the Lions, had a great Thanksgiving dinner, and then went to bed fairly early. We went to bed early cause Brad and I got up at 3:30 am and went shopping on Black Friday. We had a few things that we really wanted to get and new if we weren't there right when it opened we wouldn't get it. So I dropped Brad off at Best Buy and I stood in line at Target. We had never been out this early to shop before and we were shocked at how many people there were, it was pretty crazy. But we both got in to the stores right at 5, got what we wanted, and were done at 5:15. We were back in bed by 5:45. It was great! It was really early to be out and about shopping but we saved a lot of money. We got a DSLR camera at Best Buy for our Christmas present and I am super excited about it! I haven't had a chance to read about it and play around with it yet but I hope to soon.

We are so blessed and thankful for our girls! We have so much to be thankful for (each other, our families, friends, health, etc.).

Looking cute in their Packer shirts.

The girls already caught on and enjoy lounging around and watching football.

Go Pack Go!

This picture cracked me up. I am not sure what she just saw but she looks shocked. I get that same look sometimes when I'm watching the Packers.

Brad's brother proposed to his girlfriend Katie about a month ago. They are getting married next September. We are very excited for them! Katie went home and had Thanksgiving with her family but her and her parents came over Friday evening. It was nice for everyone to meet each other. We got our first Spindler family picture taken.
The Spindler's