Monday, February 23, 2009

18 Months Old

18 Months

Rylee had her 18 month Dr.'s appt. last week. She had her last shot for awhile, yeah! She really doesn't like doctors/dentist offices. As soon as Dr. Slaven walked in she clung to me and started wining and the doctor hadn't even done anything yet. I don't blame her though, who likes shots, x-rays, heel pricks, etc. She has another dentist appointment in a few weeks to take more x-rays of her upper mouth. I'm already dreading that but hoping for good news. Rylee's stats really haven't changed much in the last few months. The doctor thinks her height was measured wrong last time because she only grew 1/4 in. this time but yet she has grown out of some of her pants in the length, so we thought she grew more. They lay her down to meausure her so it is hard to get an exact measurement. But her trend of being tall, skinny, and having a big head (full of brains of course) continues.

18 Month Stats
Height: 32.5 in. (70th percentile)
Weight: 21 lbs 11 oz's (15th percentile)
Head: 48 cm (90th percentile)

She is getting her i-teeth. One on the bottom and one on the top have popped through but just a very little bit. We're still waiting for the others to pop through. It seems like it is taking forever for these 4 teeth to come in. We have had a lot of days with runny noses.

Runny nose and kleenex in hand, but still cute.

Her vocabulary is improving a little each day. She still talks a lot in her own language but we are trying to get her to use her words more. Here's a list of some of her new words that she says. Most of these words we have to tell her to say and then she repeats it but sometimes she uses them on her own.
-yeah (not yes, its' yeah)
-thank you
-love you (its really cute, it sounds like "au jus" like the french dip sandwich)
-oww (when she hurts herself, or barely bumps into something)

Rylee is a busy little girl right now. Here's a list of her likes and dislikes.

Rylee loves:

-Running around with her stroller (she does laps around our first floor) She's usually not in high heeled shoes like she is in this picture but that brings me to her next "love"

-Shoes (especially her crocs, my slippers, and my high heels)

-Her baby dolls and stuffed animals (in the following 2 pictures she decided she wanted to play with all of them at once)

- Chilling in her chair (reading or just relaxing with her head up on her football pillow)

-Playing with her bowls and spoons from her kitchen and tea set (she is constantly feeding her babies and stuffed animals)
-Pretending to put on make-up like mom (she's got the Bare Minerals "swirl, tap, apply" method down pat)
-Cuddling with her blankie (she has to sleep with her blankie and she likes to chew on the corners)
-To sit on people's laps and have them read to her
-Feeding herself applesauce, pudding, ice cream or anything else that requires a bowl and spoon

Rylee does not like:
- Mom or dad to brush her teeth (she wants to do it herself - I think she is still traumatized from her fall when we basically pinned her down for a few weeks to wash her gums and teeth)
- Mom to do her hair (I would love to put barrettes, headbands, or pigtails in but she doesn't let me touch it or if she does she takes it out right away)
-Transition (sometimes she doesn't like to get ready in the morning to go to daycare but then sometimes she doesn't like me to get her ready to leave daycare either)
-Doctors offices

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A few days ago I found out a childhood friend of mine is in the hospital. She is pregnant and due a few days ahead of me which puts her at around 26.5 weeks. This past weekend she found out she has preeclamplsia and is now on bedrest at the hospital. They are constantly monitoring hers and her baby girl's levels and making sure the numbers stay steady. If the numbers stay steady it gives the baby another day to grow. I've added her blog "Baby Jenson" to my friend list if you would like to follow their progress.
On Monday I also found out that my good friend Jaclynn was in the hospital. She is 34 weeks pregnant and had the flu over the weekend. She was dehydrated and having contractions so they sent her to the hospital on Monday and kept her overnight. She is home now, feeling better, but on bedrest.
It's scary to think that one day things seem to be going fine with your pregnancy and then not so much the next day. I know sometimes it seems like 40 weeks is a long time but it just makes you realize that everyday is so important and not to take it for granted. I ask that you please keep my friends and their baby girl's in your prayers.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! We had a pretty low key Valentine's Day. Brad got Rylee, baby sister, and myself each a rose. Rylee ended up taking hers out and breaking the stem but that's ok, she enjoyed it. Saturday afternoon we took Rylee to Lowe's and a brick/stone store to attempt to pick out stuff for our basement. We picked out our counter top for the bar/pantry and stone for our fireplace but it was hard with a toddler who wanted to run around and get into everything besides what we were looking at. Then Ryan, Abby, and Beau came over that evening. The guys made us dinner and it was even complete with cake for dessert (which really hit the spot, especially for 2 prego's). Brad and I actually have a babysitter (Miss Jaime) for next Saturday evening. We have a gift certificate from Brad's boss for a fancy restaurant that we are finally going to get to use. Brad also got me a prenatal massage appointment for next Saturday. Needless to say I am really looking forward to next Saturday!

25.5 weeks (can't forget that half week, everyday counts)

I haven't taken any belly shots in awhile so I thought I should take one. As you can see I have gotten so much bigger since my 20 week picture. I really had a growth spurt (that's a nice way of saying I am getting huge). I feel like I am about a month ahead of where I was at this point with Rylee. Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it. It's my second so I am expected to get bigger a lot quicker, right? I had a Dr.'s appointment last Wednesday and the doc said everything looks good. It was a quick and easy appointment. The next one is my long glucose testing appointment. I am feeling really good and sleeping through the night (which I am very thankful for). I feel her moving all the time and she seems to be a very active little one. We are still undecided on a name for this baby girl. We do have it narrowed down to our top 3 but are having a hard time deciding. We loved Rylee Dawn and just knew that was the right name. I am hoping that over the next few weeks one of the names will just feel right. That's about it for the pregnancy update =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

On Saturday we headed up to Chicago for my friend Lesley's son, Noah, 2nd birthday party. We hadn't seen them since the summer so it was so great to finally see them again. We spent the day with them at their house and then we left to meet up with our brothers. My brother Brad and Brad's brother Bryan both live in Chicago now so we got to see them and took them out for dinner. It was nice to spend time with them too!

Noah opening presents with his mom. He loved them all.

He wasn't too sure about the singing at first but he thought the candles were pretty neat.

I think he liked his cake!

The kids playing together (trucks and dinosaurs - something different for Rylee besides dolls).

He got a truck that went around and around the track and they both watched it in awe.

We couldn't get them to look up at us while they were playing so we sat them on the couch. Noah's smiling and looks cute but I can't say the same for Rylee, but at least she looked up.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kreider's Visit

The Kreider's came down to visit us this past weekend. It was great to see them again! As always we had a lot of fun together just hanging out and catching up. Jaclynn is due at the end of March. The last time we saw each other neither of us really had bellies but not the case this time. We laughed when they got here and we hugged cause we went to hug like normal and our bellies bumped and kind of got in the way. We should have gotten a picture of us pregos together but we didn't, oh well. The girls sure did have a blast playing with each other. It's nice now that Rylee is a little older she can actually play with Maddy. Friday night we went out for pizza and then just hung out. Saturday morning the guys worked on our basement and Jaclynn and I took the girls to the Children's museum. We were there til 3...the girls were troopers. Then we came home, played cards while the girls took a few hour nap, and then had dinner and cake for Jaclynn's birthday (which is actually today...Happy Birthday Jac!) Sunday we went to church and then they left after lunch. So it was a busy fun filled weekend! Thanks for coming down guys.

Maddy reading Rylee a book Saturday morning.

No Maddy is not choking Rylee, she is giving her a big hug cause she is so excited to be at the museum.

Going down the slide together was a little difficult but they managed.

Reading books in the princess chairs at the museum.

Look at that concentration, its a tough job stacking those blocks. These legos were cool because they were big and softer than the normal legos, she really liked them.

They were so cute together. They held hands a lot as we went from one room to the next.

Rylee loved the slides this time.

She kept going on it over and over and it was kind of hard to get her to move on to the next thing. Thank goodness she likes to follow Maddy.

Big girl on the carousel all by herself (at least for the picture).

They both kind of have concerned looks on their faces here but they did enjoy it. Rylee remembered it from last time and didn't even want to wait in line to get on. This was Maddy's first time on and she wasn't so sure at first but by the end she was waving to everyone. I think they were the last ones off and then we stood there and watched it for awhile as the girls danced to the music. Very cute.

They really liked watching this big ball "contraption" (I'm not sure what its called but all the kids seem to like it).

They had such a good time and were so good! We had lunch there and then we headed home. Here they are after only a few minutes into the car ride, completely exhausted and sound asleep.

I had to get a picture of the birthday girl and the delicious ice cream cake.

This picture is taken late Saturday night (way past bedtime). I think they were still on their sugar high from all the ice cream cake they ate, but they sure did have fun.