Sunday, February 28, 2010

8 Months

8 Months!

As of yesterday, Sadie is 9 months old now. But, I still have to post her 8 months pictures. I need to keep up so I have it documented for the future. I'm even farther behind in the girls scrapbooks so I depend on my blog to go back and look at so I know what to write about.

By 8 months Sadie had mastered both her crawling and walking along furniture. At 7 months she was crawling but now she is just super fast at it and can take off in an instant. She also got a lot better with control when walking along furniture. She learned how to squat to get down to the ground when standing rather than just tumble down.

She does circles around our ottoman and loves it. Its nice and padded so we don't mind either.

Her eating improved this month too. She still can be fussy at times but for the most part she does a good job eating whatever we give her. We started puffs with her this month. The first few times she would gag on them and spit them out. But she eventually got over the whole texture thing and she now loves puffs. Its nice when they start eating finger foods because it makes things a little easier. She also learned how to wave "bye, bye" and clap this month.

Big smile :)

I love her smiles but I have to admit that her serious looks are my favorite! She looks at me with those big eyes and it just gets me everytime.

So cute!

How can you not just love those BIG cheeks!