Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Little Gymnast

This winter we signed Rylee up for Gymnastic classes or "Nastics" as she calls them. Her first session she took was a Mommy and Me class and we went together on Saturday mornings. She quickly fell in love with going to nastics and its definitely something she looks forward to doing. She did the Mommy and Me class for 10 weeks this winter and now she is in a 2.5-3 year old class all by herself. I was a little worried about the transition to going into class by herself but she proved me wrong and did great. I stand outside of the room and watch and every once in a while she'll look over and make sure I am watching (which I think is cute) but she always goes right on in by herself. She is a very shy girl so this surprised me. I am so happy that she enjoys it so much. A while ago, Brad came with to one of the classes and took tons of pictures of our little gymnast. I couldn't decide which ones to put up so I just decided to put up a lot!

She loves her gymnastics leotards and is always so proud when she puts them on.

Paying close attention to the teacher

She LOVES the trampoline!

Doing the "W" hang

and a flip around the bar

The little animal fell down so of course she stopped and picked it up.

She used to always want to hold my hand on the balance beam and now she even does the other "big girl" ones by herself. She has gotten a lot braver on her own.


and handstand

Counting to 10 before she runs down the trampoline.

Look at that form!

This long trampoline is her favorite!

Then she jumps in the foam blocks at the end.

Being silly.

waiting for her turn oh so patiently

Rylee and a new friend she met at class

After the last "mommy and me" class she got a ribbon. I told her to show it to me and this is what I got.

So Proud!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Months

Over a month ago, I took Sadie to JCPenny's to get her 9 month pictures taken. They were so far behind and pictures took about 10 minutes but yet we were there for almost 2 hours. I wasn't very happy about the long wait. Sadie wasn't exactly happy either. We did still manage to get a few good pictures even though Sadie was getting impatient.

Sadie was a very busy 9 month old. She crawls around and tries to get into everything. She figured out she loves to climb up the stairs. She can cruise up them pretty darn good now. She also for some reason loves to go into the bathroom. She'll follow anyone in there, especially Rylee. We have learned to always keep the bathroom doors closed now but if she sees it open, she will dart for it. She continues to walk along furniture and every once in awhile she'll stand on her own for a few seconds. Once she realizes it though, she'll grab for the furniture.

She loves table food and definitely prefers that over baby food. Her top 2 teeth came in this month too (Feb. 24th and 27th). On Feb. 25th, Sadie had tubes put in. She had 4 ear infections and a few of them took a few rounds of antiobiotics to get rid of them. Rylee had her tube surgery at 9 months and we knew how much it helped her so it was a little bit easier decision this time around. So she had a few rough days with her top teeth coming in and her surgery but after that she was as good as new. After her surgery she had a long nap and then woke up happy as can be. I was very relieved.

Her new trick for the month was she learned how to clap. Her little wave just cracks me up. She used to just kind of flap her hand for "bye, bye". But then she changed it and actually started waving but she turns her hand around and waves to herself. Very cute.

Here's her 9 months stats from her wellness visit. She continues to be tall and skinny. I looked at Rylee's 9 month stats and I was surprised but they were actually very similar.
Weight: 17 lbs 15 ozs (35th%) Rylee (17 lbs, 9 ozs)
Height: 28.75 inches (90th%) Rylee (28.5 in)
Head: 44.5 cm (70th%) Rylee (45 cm)

...I hope to catch up and have her 10 month post up soon too!