Monday, August 25, 2008

Hurlock Girls Turn 1!

On Saturday the 16th we celebrated the Hurlock girls turning 1! On our cul-de-sac we have 3 girls within two weeks of each other. Rylee was born on Friday the 10th, Macey who lives across the street from us was born the following Friday on the 17th, and Grace who lives next door to us was born the following Friday on the 24th. It is so much fun having the girls so close in age! We had a huge party for the girls with about 65 of our neighbors there (it was kind of just a reason to have a big neighborhood party too). It was going to be on our cul-de-sac but we moved it to the Miller's yard cause it was in the shade and we had a big yard to spread out in instead of the street. We had burgers, brats, chips, sides, drinks for all, and of course cake and icecream. It was quite a party! Unfortunately Macey and Grace weren't feeling that great so they called it a night around 7 but Rylee was a party animal and stayed up til 9 with the "big kids". All the kids played good and ran around, the dads had a huge bean bag toss tournament with about 5 games going on at once, and the moms sat around talking and enjoying our drinks. It was a good time. We are so lucky to have such a great neighborhood!

Happy 1st Birthday Rylee, Macey and Grace!

Grace (Aug. 24), Rylee (Aug. 10), Macey (Aug. 17)

We tried to get a few pictures of the girls together before the party started but it was a lot harder than what we thought it would be. As you can see, Macey wasn't excited about picture time.

Rylee and Grace hanging out by the coolers. Notice the keg in the upper right hand corner. That's right, the girls even had a keg for their birthday party!

Taking the water out one by one, this entertained her for awhile.

Cake time, dig in girls!

They must have all ate too much dinner cause none of them really cared for their cake. They just had a few bites and then weren't really interested.

She poked at the frosting, had a few bites, and then she was done. She did pig out on ice cream later though.
Mariah and Megan played with Rylee all night. It was great!

They took her over and played on the swingset, they know she loves the swings. The girls are so good with Rylee.

Hanging out with the "toddlers"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Big "1"!

It's hard to believe she is one, this year really did go by fast! It's been so much fun watching her grow and learn. She is starting to seem more and more like a little toddler now rather than a baby (although she'll always be my baby). Right before her birthday she started taking a few steps on her own and then on her birthday she would take about 5-10 steps at a time. Then in the following few days she decided the walking thing was a piece of cake and started walking all over the place. She's pushed her walker around for so long and she had the balance to walk but she just needed the confidence. Let me tell you, now she has the confidence. Sometimes she gets going so fast that its likes she's running. We really have to keep a good eye on her now! Here's a few videos from the first few days of walking.

This video is from one of her first times walking outside on her own.

As far as communication goes, she's not saying any real words yet besides dada. She talks a lot, but just in her own language. She does have her sign language down for "more" and does that all the time while she eats. I can tell she's understanding us a lot more now though. If you ask her where her belly button is she points to it. That's the only body part so far, we're still working on nose, mouth, etc. She just likes her belly button more cause she can see it. It's cute watching her lift her shirt up and try to find it.

"Where's Rylee's bellybutton?"

Rylee loves playing with cars. It used to be balls but now the new thing is cars. She also got 2 dolls for her birthday and she likes playing with her "babies" now too. She can push them in the stroller and one came with a bottle so she can feed them too. Mostly she just hugs them and gives kisses. She also still likes to read books. She likes to point at everything or grab your finger and point at things and flip the pages, even if we've only read 3 words on the page. Oh, and she also has an obsession with shoes (that's my girl!). She loves to put on her shoes, or any other shoes she can find. At daycare, they say they've never had a kid that wants to hang out by the shoes as much as she does. She especially likes Gunner's (one of the little boys at daycare) bright green crocs, its kind of funny.

Feeding her baby

I brought Rylee in on the 11th for her 1 year wellness visit and for her shots. Her Dr. says she looks great and was very pleased with all her milestones. Rylee showed off her walking for her and also showed her her belly button. But then the Dr. tried to get her to say fish (there are fish painted on the walls) and wasn't successful there. I had to laugh cause the Dr. must have said "fish" about 15 times and Rylee just stared at her like she was weird. She's not at the repeating words stage yet. She has 5 teeth that are fully in, and one on top and one on bottom that just started poking through. Dr. Slaven also said that her molars are very close to coming through too. She continues to be a great eater and eats just about everything we eat. Fruit is her favorite! She is starting to want to use a fork more now, which takes a little longer for her to do, but she is surprisingly patient with it. We were also happy to hear the Dr. say that her tubes in her ears are still in place and look good. As far as her size, she's still on the skinny side, tall, and has a good size head.

Here's her 1 year statistics:
Weight: 19 lbs. and 6 ozs. (25th percentile)
Height: 29.5 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 47 cm. (80th percentile)

Riding her new horse she got from Gramma and Grampa

She's really not a big fan of riding it much right now, she'd rather just stand by it and play, or feed him like she is here.

It sure has been a great year! Each stage has been fun yet trying at times too. We love this stage right now (I think I've said that all along so far) but we look forward to each new stage that Rylee brings to our lives!

New year, new look

After having the same background for the past year I decided to change it up a bit. My sister and I both changed ours and got the templates from LeeLou blogs. They are kind of fun and something different. Enjoy =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Swimming in the Big Pool

I took last Monday off of work to spend more time with my mom, Vanessa, Bailey, and Quincy. It was a beautiful day on Monday and we went to our neighborhood pool. We had the pool to ourselves almost the whole time we were there. It was great! We went in both the kiddie pool and the big pool. Rylee really loves playing in the water!

We brought the chairs right in the kiddie pool with us and we all hung out there for awhile. It's so nice to sit there and get some sun but yet not be hot cause you are in the water too.

Even Quincy got to dip his feet in the pool.

"Kick, kick, kick"

Swimming with Gramma

Rylee was not sure what to think of Auntie Bailey's goggles but had fun watching her swim around everywhere.


When we got home we stripped the kids down and I couldn't help but take pictures of the two of them in just their diapers.

They both struck a pose for me in this one.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Rylee!

We can't believe it but our baby girl is 1 year old already! We celebrated her 1st birthday this weekend and had a big party for her. My mom, Vanessa, Quincy, Bailey, Brad's parents, and the Kreider's (her Godparents) all came from out of town and then a lot of our friends from around here came as well. It was a great time and it was so nice to have so many of our family and friends together.

My parents got her her own little chair that she absolutely loves!

She was on the go with all the commotion going on so it was hard to get her to stay still for a picture but of course we managed to get some.

The Big "1"!

She really wanted her cake but...

...she wasn't so sure about it when we did give it to her.

After poking at it with her finger for a little while she finally decided to pick it up and shove it in.


She was even polite and offered to share it with others.

Feeding daddy.

People told her to brush her hair and of course she did, so she got it all over her hair.

Blowing kisses!

She didn't really eat a lot of it, she preferred to just play with it and smear it around everywhere.

Look at that face!

We tried to get a group picture of all of the kids but we couldn't quite get all of them to do it. So here's the girls and Quincy, Beau and Connor didn't want to get in for the picture.

Rylee's daycare providers came to the party too. These are their girls Ashley and Taylor.

Opening her presents, with some help from Grace, Maddy, and Auntie Bailey.

Peeking in the bag at her new toys.

Maddy got her a stroller and Bailey got her a monkey that she loves to push around.

Helping herself to a drink

I think the sugar got to her, she was having fun bouncing around, laughing, and yelling.


And finally, bathtime.

As you can see, Rylee had a great time. She sure was spoiled. Thanks again to everyone for being there and celebrating her first birthday with us!