Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend with Kreider's and Pudelko's

Early in December we had the Kreider's and the Pudelko's (our best friends from college) down to our house for a weekend. It had been awhile since we had all been together so it was way overdue. It was SO great to all be together again! We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends! We (the adults and the kids) all had so much fun! We always talk about taking a group picture and then we always forget. But we did manage to get some of the girls :)

Ellie, Maddy, Sadie, Rylee and Mylee

Take 2

We decided to make a cake for Jesus's Birthday to remind the girls of the "reason for the season". We made a chocolate oreo mint icecream cake. It was delicious and the girls had a lot of fun making it.

Concentrating on putting the oreo crumbs on.

So much fun!

The weather wasn't nice to go outside so we ended up doing a lot of baking. The older girls made Christmas cookies and had a blast decorating them.

The three little one's. Its hard to get 3 one and a half year olds to look all at once. This is the best I got. I'm hoping Jac or Annie got one with them actually all looking.

Rylee and her BFF's, Grace and Maddy

It was finally time to eat the ice cream cake that the girls made. The girls sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. Its kind of funny but if you look closely you will see Baby Jesus on the cake (Jaclynn took it from our nativity set and propped it on the cake, haha)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sledding with the Anderson's

For the Anderson side Christmas party we rented out a sledding hill and chalet in Ishpeming. Its actually the hill where I first learned to ski but now they converted it to a sledding hill instead of a ski hill. We rented the hill out so it was just all of us from 5-8. The girls weren't totally sure about it but they did have fun. Its a big hill and it was dark (but they have lights on the hill) so I think that was kind of scary for them. But all of us "big kids" had a blast. Even my parents and aunts and uncles went. I only get to sled once a year when I go home and its always so much fun...brings out the kid in you. Good times!

Sadie going down with daddy for the first time.

Rylee going down with me for her first time. You can tell she looks scared.

But she did smile when we got back up top :)

Even my parents went down. I love this picture of them!

Papa took Sadie and Quincy down. They had a little wipe out at the bottom but Sadie's tough and she was fine.

Rylee going down with Gramma (still looks scared, haha)

Quincy had fun too!

Its a pretty sweet set up at this hill. There is a person working at the tow rope, and you sit on your tube, they connect it to the rope, and you get pulled back up the hill.

Brad and Dana...such a cute couple.

A few of the guys getting ready to race down the hill.

After all the sledding we all went back in the chalet and had dinner and then a gift exchange. Unfortunately we didn't get a group picture but we did attempt a picture of the great grand children (minus a few). What a fun night!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite time of year!!! It's so nice to go home and spend a few days with my family. This year was no exception. We had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of being home with everyone. The girls had a blast Christmas morning! They both are old enough now to get into opening presents. Rylee loved looking at all the presents searching for hers and Sadie's names. We also had a surprise visit from Santa this year!

We must have all been good this year cause Santa sure spoiled us again!

Santa filled all 11 stockings!

When we came downstairs we were all shocked to see that Santa was just finishing up! We really had no idea about this.

Santa stayed for a few minutes to give each kid a present and take a picture with them. Rylee was shocked but so excited. Sadie and Quincy weren't too sure at first but then they quickly warmed up, I think the presents helped, haha.

The 3 kids and Santa

Sadie giving Santa high 5 and saying bye! She did a lot better this time than at daycare and at the tree farm. This Santa was really friendly and extra good with these kids :)

Rylee looking through all the presents looking for her name.

Quincy checking out what Rylee got.

The girls opening a gift together.

7 princess barbies! Rylee loves them (and I'm sure Sadie will one day too)

Sadie's favorite gift was a singing Barney. She LOVES Barney right now! Here she is singing the Barney song, its so adorable! I love you, you love me....

...with a great big hug...

...and a kiss from me to you...

Very happy girls going through their stockings.

After all the gifts and breakfast we had a little downtime before the Truscott's came over for our Christmas with them.

I realized this is the only picture I got of the girls on Christmas day with their cute dresses on. I forgot to take a family one. But this one is cute of them cuddling with Uncle Alex. They love Uncle Alex! He usually is running all around with them, this picture just happens to be of them relaxing from all the craziness.

Then it was Quincy's turn. They actually both fell asleep and I thought it was a cute picture.

Around 2:00 my Gramma and the Truscott's came over. My Uncle Mike likes to start "cocktail hour" (or hours in our case) pretty early. Everyone had a great time visiting and then we enjoyed an awesome turkey dinner that Brad made. He is such a good cook, I love it!

Santa made another surprise visit when it was time for presents. My Gramma got such a kick out of it.

She opened all her presents while sitting on Santa's lap. Doesn't she look so happy!

My Uncle Mike didn't catch on at first on who Santa really was. Any guesses??? He eventually figured it out and him and my brother had a few good laughs over it.

The Truscotts wanted a picture with Santa too.

Dana and Santa. That's one lucky girl to be dating Santa :)

Gramma (or GiGi) with the grandkids (and great-grandkids)

It truly was a great day and we are all so blessed!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to church with my family. After church we went back to Vanessa and Alex's house for dinner at their new house. Vanessa made a yummy dinner and lots of desserts! We had a great time hanging out together as usual!

After church we took a few quick pictures before we headed to Vanessa's house.

The girls looked so cute all dressed up in their jackets and hats!

The cook wearing her Mrs. Clause apron!

Rylee showing off her pretty dress.

Twirling around...she loves dresses!

A sweet one of Sadie Bear

Papa and Quincy looking so sharp in their suits.

Gramma and Papa with the grandkids

and with Uncle Brad

The kids also got to open presents from each other and Uncle Brad. Uncle Brad spoiled them all!

The hosts - thanks for a great night together!

Me and my sis!