Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy New Year!

Haha, I know people are laughing when they read this title considering its the end of March and its been 3 months since you've heard "Happy New Year". But my new year resolution was to not give up on my blog. So even though I am always months behind, I am not quitting on it. It really helps me for when I go to do my scrapbook from the previous year so I don't want to stop doing it. I just do it in spurts thats all.

For New Year's Eve we went over to one of our neighbor's house and the kids were all invited too. I was bad and didn't really take any pictures. But I did get a few of Rylee right before she went to bed. These pictures were taken after 11 PM and she is so wound up. She could have easily stayed up to ring in the new year but we were trying to have it be only adults for at least a little while.

She loved her "crown"

Jumping on her bed, instead of getting ready to go to bed :)

The weather was really nice over the holiday weekend. We had no snow and it was actually pretty warm so the kids got to go outside and play. They had a blast playing on the swingset. It was so warm that they only wore vests! The nice weather didn't last to much longer after that but we sure enjoyed it while it lasted!

Sadie loves her swing!

Being silly in their "fort".

Just goofin around and having fun together!