Thursday, March 18, 2010

Key Lime Cove

A few weeks ago we headed up north of Chicago to meet the whole family for the weekend. We stayed at a hotel called Key Lime Cove Resort and it had a huge water park in it. I was so excited to see everyone and of course it was a great time had by all.

Doesn't that look fun!

Bailey thought it looked so fun that she didn't even stick around for a family picture. She was on that thing as soon as we got there. But the rest of us managed to sneak in a family picture before everyone went on all the slides.

Sadie looking cute in her swimsuit cover up.

Such a cute pic of the 3 of them

Gramma and Grampa with their hands full

Rylee really loved the water slides! She was a little timid at first but then she was going down all by herself and saying "again, again" and smiling.

Going down with mommy...

...and by herself

...and with Quincy! I love how they both have their arms out and have that same terrified look on their faces. But they were both nothing but smiles when they got to the bottom and went right back up to do it again.

We stayed at the pool pretty late Friday night, past Sadie's bedtime. She was really good but content cuddling with Gramma. Saturday she splashed and played in the kiddy pools but we didn't bring our camera's with us in there Saturday. Its too hard to have a camera and play at a place like this. Thanks to Vanessa for taking all of these pictures.
We'll definitely go back to this hotel! It was a perfect get away in the middle of the winter (and a nice meeting place for all). It had big slides for the adults, big kids stuff, and a lot for the toddler's and babies as well. We all loved the Lazy River too. We went around on that a lot. It was the one "ride" that all 12 of us could do together.

I had to include this picture too. It's just so cute. We stayed by Gurnee Mills, which is a huge mall, so of course we found some time to go there too. Rylee and Quincy were so cute holding hands with each other and Gramma.

It was a great weekend and we look forward to doing it again!