Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Saturday At Home

I don't remember the last Saturday when we were all home and had nothing going on. This past Saturday was a first for us in awhile and it was very enjoyable. I love all the traveling and stuff we do but sometimes it is nice not having a lot going on. This Saturday it was a nice fall day so we played outside for a little while with the girls. We don't have a lot of leaves in our yard but Brad did manage to rake up a little pile for the girls to play in. Here's some pics of the girls outside in their cute hats that Gramma made.

After nap time our friend's, the Smith's, came over. We haven't seen them in awhile so it was so nice to catch up. We had Mexican and margarita's (yum!). Their boys are both 3 months older than our girls. Abby managed to get a picture of the 4 of them together. None of them are smiling but at least its a picture all together. She got a few of Sadie and Leland together too. They are a little easier cause they both just sit there right now and aren't mobile. Beau and Rylee on the other hand were all over the place. They love to run up and down our long hallway upstairs. The 2 pictures that Abby got crack me up. You can see how silly Rylee was being and Beau looks like a stud in just his diaper. Abby and I were laughing cause it looks like he should be running in a movie with that music playing in the background. Thanks for the good times and all the pictures Abby.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

FIVE Months

5 months marks another milestone for Sadie. She can now sit up on her own and she loves it! I like it too. I can sit her down on a blanket and give her a few toys and she's good to go. Plus you know she can't go anywhere, so this is a pretty easy stage. Now that she sits up, that is what she prefers. She really doesn't like laying down on her belly or back to play anymore.

Other than that, there is nothing new really to report. She loves her cereal and is a great eater. She LOVES to bounce (in her jumperoo, johny jumper, or on anyone's lap). She is a pretty nosy little girl and loves to watch everything going on around her, especially Rylee. When she first started sitting, she would sit fine, until Rylee would move. Then Sadie would turn her head to follow her and tip right over. Now at 5.5 months she has more control and doesn't tip when she turns her head. She is still getting up once a night. We are trying to work on that ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Papa's Team!

Last Saturday was my dad's last football game. They ended the season with a big win over University of Indianapolis, 41-14! They finished the season with a 6-4 record and tied for 5th in the conference. It was a great season for them! We had a lot of fun times this football season: had 2 shutouts in the dome, dominated Tech on their field (and my cousin Zach had an interception for a TD), beat Saginaw in the last few seconds, finished the season with a W, watched my cousin have an awesome senior year, and enjoyed a lot of time with my family! Not only was it fun to watch the team this year but it was fun to watch Rylee get into it. She LOVES Papa's football team! And of course I think it is great that she loves football, that's my girl! She talks about "Papa's team" all the time! For all of the games that we didn't make it to we would hook our computer up to our TV and watch the game on the big screen. Rylee loved finding Papa on the sidelines. Anytime we turn a football game on she asks if it is Papa's team and is disappointed if its not. She goes around saying "Go Cats" all of the time. For Halloween she was a cat, and when I put her costume on I asked her what a cat says. I was expecting a cute little "meow" and instead she yelled "Go" and then smiled at me and yelled "Go Cats!". It was pretty darn cute.

"Good Job Papa!" We are proud of you! I sent my dad a text after the last game with this picture of the girls. I think he liked it :)

I told her to hold the sign up so I could see it and this is what I got. You can see the sign perfect, just not her.

After watching the football players run around, it's Rylee's turn.

Sadie sitting up by herself in the big girl chair. Even though her face doesn't show it, she was excited for Papa's team too.

Rylee doesn't really understand that Papa's games are over for the year. This weekend we told her she is going to Gramma and Grampa's house and the first thing out of her mouth was "see Papa's team". I think next season will be fun too, since she'll be a little older and understand more. Although who know's, by next year she could be more into the cheerleaders. I hope not.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vienna Glenn Pictures

When we went home in September, my sister's friend Lea Peterson, took pictures for us. She did such a great job! Her name of her business is Vienna Glenn and her website is She gave us a CD with over 100 pictures on it. I've been wanting to post them for awhile but I knew this was going to be a very long post (the most pictures I've ever put up in one post) and I am finally getting around to it. There's a lot more pictures of Rylee than Sadie cause Sadie slept for half of the shoot, but we still got some good ones of her too. Enjoy!
***Our Family***

***Rylee Dawn***

***Sadie Lee***