Monday, June 28, 2010

1 Year Pictures

The weekend after Sadie's 1st birthday I took her in for her pictures. I think we got some cute ones. The photographer was laughing at her cause she was coming up with all sorts of new poses (in the chair and on the floor). He also tried to get her to sit down on the floor for a picture with the letters spelling her name in front of her. Well that didn't work, which I knew it wouldn't. She didn't want to sit at all. She took those letters and ran off with them and she was so proud of herself for it. I think he did a good job of getting some smiley and some serious ones. We even managed to get 2 decent ones of the girls together. I've been telling Sadie lately that she has "Grandpa Don's hair". My Grandpa used to have short hair but longer in the front with the wave. I always loved it. In the first picture, Sadie reminds me of my Grandpa with the wave in the front...I love that.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

11 Months

11 Months!

And running around everywhere!

At 11 Months Sadie pretty much mastered her walking. She even learned how to get up on her own without using furniture or something else to help pull her up. She also learned to squat to pick things up and not fall over. I was amazed at how quickly she figured that all out. I guess when you have an older sister to keep up with you don't waste any time ;)

As you can see from the pictures her hair is getting a lot longer (mostly in front). She's not the best at keeping barrettes in so everyonce in awhile I put the little pony in right on top of her head. It looks slightly ridiculous but still cute at the same time, and at least it keeps her bangs out of her eyes>

Sadie talks a lot in her own little lingo but hasn't said a lot of real words yet. She says "hi" and "oh, oh". She didn't get any new teeth yet this month, still 4 on top and 2 on bottom. She pretty much eats everything now. She is such a good eater!

Sadie LOVES to play outside! She is especially into bubbles right now.

Watching Rylee to see how it is done.

Her turn to dip the bubble wand.

And attempting to blow bubbles.

Sadie blowing kisses
Sadie loves to give kisses and blow kisses. When you say "I love you" to her she blows you a kiss back. Her real kisses are my favorite though. She leans in and gives you a big smooch right on the lips. She gives mom, dad and Rylee lots of kisses. Apparently she also goes around at daycare and gives all the "babies" kisses too. Not the best thing as far as spreading germs but she is just so loving!

I found a little Pottery Barn Kids chair at a garage sale for Sadie for $10. I was pretty excited about my deal. Sadie loves it! Its now red with her name on it so Rylee and Sadie have their matching chairs. When you tell Sadie to go sit in her chair she goes right to the little one.

Saturday morning in their pajama's.

They both love their "Papa's team" blankies (that's what Rylee calls it cause it says NMU football on it) Sadie has a little blankie that she sleeps with but she is not as attached to it as Rylee was (is) to her blankie. It mostly just stays in her crib. Notice Rylee has both of her blankets with her.

This picture is from Mother's day but I thought I'd put it in with this 11 month post since it was from around that time. I had a great day with my girls! I am one lucky mama!

(I know I am a few months behind but bare with me as I try to get semi caught up)