Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Miss Our Babe!

Rylee hanging out at the beach in Marquette. (Vanessa took this picture and you can see many more of Rylee and Quincy at the beach on Qunicy's blog)

I haven't wrote much lately and most of you probably know why. Football season started which means we have been very busy traveling. We have been out of town 3 out of the last 4 weekends plus we are traveling again this weekend. Most of our friends down here think we are crazy but it's just what we do this time of year. And we love it! I love being there for my dad's football games and even more importantly, I love seeing my family so often. This year we are going to make it to 6 out of the 10 games and for being so far away, that's pretty good. Last week we took Thursday and Friday off of work and headed up after work on Wednesday. We went to the Kreider's house Wednesday night which was nice to be able to split the long trip up for Rylee. The game was Thursday night against Tech. It didn't exactly go the way we wanted it to but it was a great atmosphere and pretty cool that they were on TV. But then it was nice because we had a long weekend there. Actually Brad and I had a long weekend there and Rylee has a long week there! Yep, we left her with Gramma and Grampa for a week. They were so excited and couldn't wait to have her there. It worked out good cause there is not often where we get to see each other back to back weekends. Plus then Rylee didn't have to do the long 10 hour trip home with us last Sunday. Instead we are meeting at Ferris St. tomorrow which will be about a 5 hour drive for both. She is a good little traveler but 10 hours is just a long time, so splitting it up like that is nice. Plus she is getting absolutely spoiled with love from Gramma, Grampa, Uncle Brad, Auntie Nessa, Alex, Quincy, Uncle Ben, and Auntie Bailey. They are having so much fun with her and I know she is loving it! My mom said she has been such a great girl. They've been going on lots of walks and spending a lot of time outside since its been so nice out. And she's been giving out lots of kisses to everyone. Vanessa was nice enough to take some pictures for us and put them up on her blog cause she knows how much we are missing our babe. It just makes me smile to see her, thanks again Ness. Brad and I miss her SO much but we are so glad she got to spend that quality time with them. Its been kind of nice for Brad and I to get some stuff done around here too. When you travel every weekend you tend to fall behind on house chores. So we got caught up on that stuff, we even steam cleaned the carpet. We also went out to Maggianno's for a dinner date last night and then walked around the mall. We didn't buy anything but just looked around and walked off our big italian dinner. So tonight we have to pack again cause we head out after work tomorrow. We can't wait to see our little girl! I just want to hug her and kiss her over and over!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

1 Year Pictures

A little while ago we took Rylee to JCPenny's for her 1 year pictures. Once again, we were really happy with all the pictures. In the bottom two pictures she is carrying a little wooden "1". You can't really tell what it is but you can tell she was having fun. The pictures were definitely a little harder this time with her walking now. She was all over the place but the photographer still managed to get a few good ones.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Grace!

We went to Grace's birthday party on the 24th. That's 3 weekends in a row of birthday parties, and once again we had a great time.

Mmmm...good frosting!

And there goes the cake! (I thought it was great that I actually caught the cake falling on her face)

Gracie opening her presents (and Rylee helping)

The girls...just hanging out.

Grace got a picnic table for her party too.

I thought I would put up a few pictures of the girls together from the past year. It sure has been fun with the two of them. We are so lucky to have such great friends living right next door!

3 months

7 months

8 months

10 months

11 months

11 months