Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Tuesday afternoon we headed home to Marquette for Christmas. The weather did not cooperate that day and made the ride up terrible. It took us 14 hours to get there. It was so icy which was very nerve racking. We even pulled over in Lansing to try and rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle and we couldn't find one anywhere. So we went ahead very slowly and eventually made it safe and sound. I was SO relieved to be home! Wednesday was Christmas Eve and we slept in and then relaxed most of the early day. We went to church at 5, then came home and took a few family pics and had a spaghetti dinner.

Rylee leaving church. She looked so darn cute in that jacket and hat and I was surprised that she actually wore the hat and liked it.

Ta dah! She's showing everyone her hat.

The Anderson Family picture

Our Family of 3 and soon to be 4

Another family pic

Rylee and Quincy all dressed up for church. They looked adorable and were both very good during mass.

Rylee singing =)

I love this picture of Quincy! He looks so grown up but yet still so little.

Gramma had fun ornaments on her tree. Rylee's favorites were the football, the car, and the airplane. She pointed and showed everyone them.

If Quincy dropped his pacifier Rylee was sure to be there to get it for him and shove it back in (whether he wanted it or not.)

Proud Uncle Brad

Pajama time!

Sharing her sippy with Quincy (again, whether he liked it or not.)

He must have liked it, he's giving her hugs and kisses.

She loves her hugs from her cousin.

Before the kids went to bed, Grampa read Twas The Night Before Christmas. He put his Santa hat on and Rylee did not like that at all. As you can see in this picture she just stared at the hat. Santa came to her daycare a few days before and her along with a few other kids all screamed when they sat on his lap. Obviously Santa left an impression on Rylee cause she was not going to sit on Grampa's lap once he put that Santa hat on. So Gramma had to hold her and they sat next to him as he read the book.

Grampa took the hat off but she still wasn't too sure. It still was cute and a tradition my dad and the kids will enjoy for years to come.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas PJ's

Last night Rylee looked so cute in her Christmas pj's so I thought I would try to take a picture of her in front of the Christmas tree saying "cheese". Well, any parent of a toddler would know that it's a lot easier said than done. She wanted nothing to do with standing in front of the tree and smiling for the camera like I wanted her to do. Instead I got some action photos of her in her pj's hanging out by the tree (which were still cute). And look at how great her chin looks!

I tried to get her to sit still at first by bribing her with my phone.

It kind of worked but then she didn't want to give up my phone.

Then we bribed her with the ornaments and told her to put one on the tree.

She really liked this. Probably a stupid idea by us though cause she never paid any attention to the ornaments and now she thinks they are pretty cool.

"Now I'll say cheese cause look what I've got mom and dad."

I had to laugh at this one, she's showing some attitude for the camera.

Look at those lips! haha

"Hohoho"! (actually Rylee just says "hoho" and drops the last "ho")

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Poor Rylee Dawn

I don't think I will ever forget last Saturday night. The Dippolds were over and we were sitting at our kitchen table eating dinner and Grace and Rylee were playing next to us by the sliding glass doors. They were playing good and then all of a sudden we heard a big thump and Rylee screaming. She had fallen and hit her chin on the metal tracks for the sliding glass doors. She had hit her chin so hard that her gums were bleeding and we noticed right away that her teeth had all been affected. She must have hit her lower and upper jaw together super hard because some of her upper teeth were shoved up and her lower teeth shoved down. We also noticed right away that she chipped a few teeth. It was such an awful, awful feeling to see your little baby scream in pain like that. We took her to the ER right away although the ER doc didn't do much. He tried looking at her teeth and Rylee screamed so he said he was going to page the Pediatric dentist on call. Well, we sat there for an hour and a half and the dentist never called back so they sent us home and said we had to see a pediatric dentist Sunday morning. That wasn't good enough for me so I called my daycare provider Jaime because she used to work in a pediatric dentist officeand I knew she would be able to help. She gave me a name and home number of the Dr. to call. The dentist was great and offered to meet us that night, but it would have been 11:00 so we just decided to meet in the morning since Rylee was tired and seemed to be doing alright by then. We brought her in Sunday morning and the Dr. took x-rays. They had Brad and I step out of the room while they did it and it was terrible to sit there and listen to your baby scream as they pin her down to get the x-rays. Of course it made me ball too. We found out she fractured 3 teeth (2 up top and 1 on the bottom), her upper middle right tooth got pushed back and up which caused it to fracture the root, and she tore up her gums on the bottom and had a hematoma on her upper gums. It sounds terrible and incredibly painful, but the good news is she is going to be ok (that's what I keep telling myself). We've had her on motrin the last few days to help with the pain and she seems to be doing fine. She's been waking up a few times during the nights crying so I think it hurts her more at night but if we go in there and rock her she goes back down pretty quick. We have another dentist appointment on Friday so we'll know more then. But basically we just have to wait and see what teeth make it and what teeth don't. Some may turn black or even fall out but we don't know for sure. Since her roots got shoved up to her permanent teeth we won't know what kind of damage her permanent teeth suffered until they come in years down the road. We'll have to deal with things as they happen. And again I keep telling myself its all cosmetic and it could have been worse. As her mom, you can't help but just feel terrible and think about how you could have prevented it. I know it was just a freak fall but you still feel so bad. I just wish I could have done something or traded places with her so she didn't have to suffer like that. My mom and Grandma told me that even though sometimes we want to, we can't bubble wrap our kids. I sure wish I could have had her in bubble wrap that Saturday.

At first Rylee's chin was just bruised but the bruise kind of faded quickly and her cut turned really dark.

Our poor little girl

We did manage to get a picture of her smiling to show her teeth. You can kind of get an idea of which teeth chipped and got pushed in. I thought about taking a picture of her gums but I just couldn't. They turned so dark and nasty and I didn't want to hold her down to get a picture, the poor girl has been through enough.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we went out and got our Christmas tree. We got a little dusting of snow that morning so it made it feel wintery out and put me in the Christmas spirit. It only took us a few minutes to pick one out this year, there were a lot of good ones to choose from.

The finished product!

We rearranged our furniture in our living room so we didn't have as much room but our tree still fit perfect in the corner. I love Christmas decorations, it just puts you in such a good mood. So far Rylee has been really good about not touching the tree, we'll see how long that lasts.