Saturday, January 23, 2010

7 Months...and crawling!

7 months

Even though Sadie turns 8 months in a few days I am not going to skip her 7 month post. I have had these pictures up and ready for a long time but had not had a chance to write anything and I'm finally getting around to it. Funny how when you have 2 kids it takes you that much longer to find time to do things than when you had one ;) Actually there is a lot to note from month 6 to 7. On December 15th she got her first tooth, the bottom right one. Then 2 weeks later the bottom left one popped through. I haven't pinned her down yet to get any good pictures of it but in some of her closeups if you zoom in you can see.

The other big news is she started to crawl! Around Christmas time she started and by New Year's she was a pro at it. I was kind of surprised that she started crawling so early but I guess she's just trying to keep up with her big sis. Let me tell you, now that she crawls, its a whole new ball game. She goes anywhere and everywhere. We were at the Dippold's house hanging out one of the first few days of her crawling. All of a sudden I said "where's Sadie?" We had taken our eyes off of her for a second and she was already under their Christmas tree playing with the trunk. We quickly learned what its like to have a new crawler in our house again. Rylee loves that Sadie crawls now. The first few days Rylee would yell to us everytime when Sadie was crawling "Sadie crawling, Sadie crawling." Now she helps us and is constantly saying "No, no Sadie." Speaking of "no, no" Sadie also learned her first "trick" this month. She shakes her head back and forth for"no, no, no". Most of the time when she does it though her mouth is wide open and she is laughing as she does it.

Showing off her new skills.

She looks so proud of her new skill. I took a little video of her crawling but I haven't downloaded it all yet. I'll have to do that soon so you can really see her move.

She quickly learned how to pull herself up on furniture too.

We had to lower her crib mattress all the way down. We lowered it to the middle stage but once she learned how to pull herself up, she looked like she was going to climb over. She also started chewing on the crib so down the matress went. She still stands up but at least she's not going anywhere and not chewing the side rail.

I don't know what it is about this picture but I absolutely loved it. She had crawled over, pulled herself up on the ottoman, and then layed her head down like she was exhausted from all of that hard work. Too cute.

She only lasts a minute or two in the exersaucer or jumperoo now. She wants to be on the move all the time.

Hooping it up! She's got an awesome slam dunk.

Once she turned 6 months we started her on baby food. I think we pretty much tried all the vegetables and fruits this month. She is defintely not the best eater. She can be good at times and eat it all but other times she spits it out. I might have a fussy eater like me on my hands. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots and applesauce. She is not a big fan of green beans, peas, or peaches. Hopefully she will get a little better in this department.
Unfortunately this month she also had 2 ear infections. Actually it was just one but it took two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it. So she was on antibiotics for 20 days. Not good. She might be taking after Rylee in this way.
It's really amazing how fast she is growing up! Now that she crawls and stands on furniture I feel like she all of a sudden she is so much older and not my little baby anymore. Luckily she still lets me cuddle with her and rock her at night like she is my little baby. I love that!

Friday, January 15, 2010


We didn't head back to Indy until Monday so we had a few more days after Christmas to hang out in the U.P. and enjoy the winter wonderland. On Sunday we went sledding with some of our cousins. I haven't been sledding in so long. No matter how old you are it is still so much fun!

We walked from my Grandma's house down to the hill and pulled the 3 kids in the sled the whole way.

A family picture in the snow.

Sadie looked so darn cute all bundled up in her snowsuit. She couldn't really move, but she was warm.

Rylee going down the hill with daddy. Rylee loved sledding. When she would get to the bottom she would be all smiles. 3 quotes from her sledding "That was fast!", "Do it again!", and "This is fun!"

Sadie got to go down the hill a few times with me and Rylee. I think she even liked it :)

Auntie Nessa and Quincy had fun sledding with us too.

My Aunt and some cousins having a race down the hill.

A group shot
I didn't think it was a good idea to bring my new camera out in the snow but luckily Marissa had hers. Thanks again Marissa for all the pictures.
As you can see by the last few posts we had a great Christmas vacation. It was busy but full of good times with family. We traveled back on Monday. The ride was long, 11 hours or so, but it was all worth it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas! Once again Santa spoiled us all. Thanks Santa :)
Rylee was kind of in awe Christmas morning when she came downstairs and saw so many presents. She was reallly cute. She showed Sadie and said "look, look Sadie". Rylee enjoyed opening her presents but she did take her time and also watched other people open theirs too. I kind of expected her just to rush from one to the next but instead she took it all in.

The 3 of them opening up a present from Gramma and Grampa. They all got new soft green blankets that have NMU football and their name embroidered on it. Rylee has slept with hers everyday since she got it. She calls it her "Papa's team blankie". She will not go to bed without it.

Sadie started to crawl right around Christmas. Christmas morning she was busy moving around checking out everything.

Quincy got hockey sticks and nets. He wanted to play with it right away.

Rylee opening a big present.

It's a princess tent! She picked it up and said "heaby" (which is her heavy). The princess tent was a huge hit! We set it up that day and I think everyone in my family (including all the adults) took their turn of going in the tent to play with the little ones.

Quincy got a sled and Rylee pulled him around the house in it. Again saying "heaby".

The best part of Christmas morning was that my sister got engaged! Alex proposed to Vanessa after we were done opening presents. We are all so excited and so happy for them!


That afternoon the Truscott's (my mom's side of the family) came over for Christmas. We hung out and had "happy hour" during the day and later had a huge turkey and ham dinner with all the fixings. It was a great Christmas and lots of fun with family!

Rylee and Sadie hanging out in the princess tent. Sadie really wasn't to sure about it at first but she did stay in there for awhile and watched everyone else climb in and out.

Sadie hanging with her uncles.

Great Grandma Sally and Sadie

GG Sally cuddling with the other two.

Grandma with her grandkids and great grandkids. We took so many of these pictures and in everyone someone either wasn't looking, had their eyes closed, or was making a stupid face (I won't mention any names). My auntie Susie was taking them with her camera too so hopefully she got a good one.

The day after Christmas we went to my Auntie Diane's house for the Anderson Christmas. It was crazy, chaotic, and fun as usual. Unfortunately my Uncle Gary and Uncle Dave's families did not make it this year but I think we still had close to 40 people there. Lots of little ones running around and I loved every bit of it. Brad had made BBQ ribs and BBQ pulled pork ahead of time for everyone. It was a request from the family. It was very yummy! I was bummed I forgot my camera so I didn't get to take pictures from this night. Marissa did take some pictures of Sadie and Addy so at least we got that. Thanks Marissa.

Sadie and Addy checking each other out.

They are only a week apart. It will be fun to watch them grow up together.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Eve

My Family

We headed home to the U.P. for Christmas on the 22nd after work. We stayed at my brother's place in Chicago and then he came up with us on Wednesday. The weather was SO much better than last year traveling home for Christmas. That was such a relief! It was so nice to be home and to see everyone! We hadn't been home since September for a football game. We had a great time and I've got tons of pictures. It will take me a few posts to get all my pictures up. I'm hoping to get caught up with my posts this week and weekend. Anyways, here's pictures from Christmas Eve. We always go to church as a family and then come home for a nice big dinner. The kids got to open a few gifts from family that night, and then it was time for Grampa to read Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Gramma and Grampa with their grandkids

The kids with Uncle Brad

My girls all dressed up (I didn't get a good one of them together but I did get some good individual pics)

Big smile

And another big smile :)

Papa continued his tradition and read Twas The Night Before Christmas.

He must be doing a good job cause they look like they are all following along.

You can't read what the pajama's say but my mom got the kids pj's that say "What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will." Very fitting.