Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Eve

We decided to tell our friends here in Indy on New Year's Eve. We knew we would have had a hard time hiding the fact that I wasn't drinking, plus we were excited to keep spreading our good news. Our neighbor's Mike and Lisa were having a party and that's where we started the night out. When we got over there a lot of our neighbors were there already and we told them our news. A few minutes after we announced our news our neighbors Mindi and Ryan announced they were pregnant as well! We were so thrilled for them! Also, a few days before, our neighbors Dana and Jeff announced that they were pregnant! So of course the next hour or so that's all us girls talked about were babies. Come to find out all 3 of us are due within 2 weeks of each other. Dana is due a week after me and Mindi is due 2 weeks after me. So that makes for 3 babies within 2 weeks all on 1 cul-de-sac. How crazy is that! It is going to be so fun to go through this journey together and have our kids so close in age.

Later on we left to head over to our friends Kevin and Penny's party. Before we went over there we met up with Ryan and Abby and told them our news. We couldn't wait to tell them because they have been asking us about babies for the past year or so. They are expecting a baby boy and his due date is May 14th. They were happy to hear that their son will have a little friend to hang out with. Once we got to Kevin and Penny's we told a few more of our friends, including JJ and Kelly (who are also expecting a boy on April 12th). We sure don't have to worry about our baby not having any other babies around to play with.

The last night of 2006 was full of excitement and we all had a great time welcoming in the new year together!

Friday, December 29, 2006


We flew home for Christmas the morning of the 23rd. We were beyond excited to go home and see everyone and share our news with them! We knew it was early to tell people (7 weeks) but we so badly wanted to share our news with our family and friends and we definitely wanted to do it in person. We weren't sure when we were going to make it up to the UP next so we knew we wanted to do it over Christmas. Plus, what a great Christmas present to give everyone!

December 23rd
We arrived in Marquette around noon. That evening we were celebrating the Truscott Family Christmas. Brad and I had decided that we wanted to share our news that night when we were all together. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to make it through "cocktail hour/hours" without drinking but Brad was pretty smart. My Aunty Susie had made me a chocolate Bailey's drink on ice and when no one was looking Brad switched my glass with one that he had made (chocolate milk over ice). It worked great and no one caught on. We had an excellent turkey and ham dinner and then moved on to the gift exchange. After all the gifts were open, we gave my mom and dad a gift from us. They each got a book (a mom book and a dad book) about how special they are. Each book had a page in it that talked about being Grandparents and Brad and I wrote a little saying in each book about how they've inspired us to be great parents and and how we know they will be wonderful grandparents. They figured it out and started crying right away, they were so happy. Then chaos broke out and everyone started crying, yelling, hugging, and jumping around - especially Vanessa and Uncle Mike. It was so special and a moment we will never forget.

Christmas Day
We woke up early Christmas morning (Bailey got us all up) and came downstairs to a room full of presents. Once again, Santa had spoiled us all. That afternoon we went to my Uncle Lowell's for Christmas with the Anderson's. There was lots of commotion there (as to be expected with a big family - I love it) but my brother Brad got everyone's attention and said he had an announcement to make. Everyone got real quiet and had no clue what kind of announcement Brad was going to make. He then told everyone that he was going to be an Uncle. Everyone was very excited for us and I think a little relieved because they weren't sure what Brad was going to say. We also found out that day that our cousin Dustin proposed to Emily that morning so the Anderson's had a lot to celebrate!

December 26th
This morning we drove up to Hancock to stay at Amy and Packi's house. Lesley and Jeff were in town for one more day so we had made plans for us all to get together. We told Amy and Packi first, before Packi went to his hockey game. Then a big group of us went out to the Ambassador for dinner. After dinner we went back to Amy's and there we told Lesley and Jeff (expecting a little boy the end of Feb.) and also Tim and Sheryl Givens (expecting twin girls in Feb). Everyone was very happy for us and it felt so good to share the news with our friends. We are so glad that it worked out that we were able to make it to Hancock over the holidays and got to tell them in person.

December 27th
Today we headed to Wausau to surprise the Spindler's. We called Bryan and told him that my mom and dad were coming with us and to make dinner reservations for all of us (but not tell his parents). The Spindler's weren't expecting us at all so they were very shocked when they answered the door and there stood the 4 of us. After we went in and talked for a little while, Brad told them our news. They were very excited and shocked for the second time that day. Then we all went out to dinner to celebrate. It was very nice to have both of our parents together - it had been a long time. We didn't make it back to Marquette til 1:30 in the morning but it was all worth it.

December 29th
After sharing our news with our family and friends and a week full of excitement it was time to fly back to Indy. We had so much fun being home and it was so wonderful to have shared our news with our loved ones.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our 1st Appointment

We were so excited for our first Doctor's appointment that we had a hard time getting to sleep the night before. It was first thing in the morning and when we got there we found out that we weren't actually meeting with Dr. Cline (my Ob-Gyn) but we had a meeting with the nurse clinician. We were there for about an hour and she asked us a lot of questions about mine and Brad's medical and family history. She also gave us a pregnancy book and a bunch of pamphlets to read. She answered any questions that we had and then we scheduled our next appointment for January 10th. That one we were going to meet with Dr. Cline and we were going to have an ultrasound done. I guess we were going to have to wait for the next appointment for the real exciting stuff!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another Pregnancy Test

It was about 10 days after I had taken the other 2 pregnancy tests that I decided I wanted to take another one. My spotting had kept up for a few days after that day (again, sorry guys) and I was feeling really good so I just wanted to take another test to make sure that I was pregnant. The third test immediately read POSITIVE and I was very relieved. I guess I was just expecting that as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I would start feeling crappy. The more I read though I realized that everyone is different and has different symptoms and I was lucky to be feeling pretty good.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I'm pregnant...we're having a baby!

It was about 6:30 Wednesday morning. Brad and I had just woke up and I still hadn't got my period (it was about 5 days late). I had a little bit of spotting (I know you guys don't care to hear about that - sorry) so I wasn't sure if I was just having a light period this month or if I really could be pregnant. I had one pregnancy test left so I decided to give it a try and take it. Well Brad and I couldn't wait the 3 minutes and we looked at it right away. It was a test that had 2 lines and if one was darker than the control line it meant you were pregnant. Well, when we looked it was lighter so were really bummed and just hugged for a little while. Then we took a second look at it and the line had become darker and the lines were now about the same color. We were very excited but weren't exactly sure what that meant and didn't want to jump to any conclusions. So Brad ran to the grocery store and bought another test, this time one that either shows a positive or a negative sign. I took that test and right away it turned positive! We couldn't believe it, after a few months of being disappointed it was now positive! We were unbelievably excited and in shock too!

As soon as the Doctor's office opened that morning I called to tell them our news. I was expecting they would want to see me right away but they said they wait til you are between 6-8 weeks pregnant. I was only about 4.5 weeks along so I still had to wait a few weeks. I scheduled it for December 21st and we couldn't wait for that first appointment!


Brad and I have decided that we would like to have an on-line journal for our baby (Baby Spins). A lot of our family and friends do not live around here so we figure that this blog will be a good way for people to stay updated during the pregnancy and then once Baby Spins is born. This blog will also help Brad and I to remember this special time in our lives and someday Baby Spins will be able to look back at his/her life as he/she grows up. I am almost 12 weeks pregnant right now (1/28/07) but I am going to go back and start from the beginning. I hope you enjoy!