Thursday, December 30, 2010

Go Cats!

We made it to 4 of my dad's games this season (would have went to more but we also had 3 weddings/receptions to go to this fall). We all love going to "Papa's games" and watching "Papa's team". Its so nice to see the family and to be at the game to cheer (rather than yelling at my computer). Rylee really seemed to get into this year and would yell "Go Cats" all the time! Sadie even picked up on it and started saying "Go Cats"! It wasn't very clear but we knew what she was saying. I have lots of pictures from the first game we were at the dome and then just a few others from tailgating. It was a fun season and we are proud of Papa!

I love this picture, it just makes me smile! Sadie ran out on the field during warm-ups and was walking around like she was some important coach out there. It was short lived though, then security made her get off. She is not intimidated by these big guys at all. Friday we went to their practice and she wanted to run on the field the whole time. So different then her sister, Rylee prefers to watch the big football guys from the sidelines.

2 of the cutest little NMU football fans

Rylee loves her new cheerleading outfit. She went out with the Northern cheerleaders and clapped for the team when they ran out of the tunnel at the beginning of the game. She was so proud, it was too cute.

Sitting on Gramma's lap and yelling loud just like Gramma does.

I think they are discussing the last play, haha.

Sadie slept through the 3rd quarter. The band and all the yelling didn't even phase her.

After the game it was time to let them run on the field.

Sadie loves this!


Doing a cheer

Touchdown Papa's team!

I love when he is all smiles after games!

Quincy even worked up a sweat running around after the game.

He looks like such a big boy.

Vanessa tailgating with all the little ones

Sadie likes to tailgate too!

Showing off their stickers on their cheeks.

My mom got these NMU jackets made for all three of the kids. They are adorable on them.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The girls all dressed in black and orange (Friday morning before Halloween).

Excited to go to daycare for their Halloween party.

The whole KidsKorner group!

Daycare gives them a bucket and they have them "practice" trick-or-treating there. Sadie even took her turn and I heard her say "trick-or-treat" for the first time. It wasn't that clear but you could definitely tell what she was saying, it was so cute. The girls loved going through all the goodies they got in their bucket from daycare.

Rylee really wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween this year (surprise, surprise). I wasn't sure what Sadie should be but Rylee said she wanted Sadie to be one of Tinkerbell's friends. So she ended up being the blue fairy Silvermist. They are great costumes too cause they play dress -up with them all the time. We definitely got our money's worth with these costumes. Here's a few pictures from before we went out trick-or-treating.

My pretty little fairies

Giving sweet!

Our neighbors had a little get together in their yard before the kids all went out trick-or-treating. We had hot dogs/burgers there so at least we got some food in their stomachs before all the candy.

Rylee and Grace

Sadie and Josie (another little neighbor who is a week older than Sadie)

And they're off!

Sadie was such a trooper. She followed right along with Rylee.

Trick-or-treat! They seem like such big girls going up to the houses by themselves.

Got their candy and they were ready to go to the next house! Rylee is pretty shy but chocolate really motivates her. She wasn't shy at all going up to the houses. She said trick-or-treat and thank you to everyone.

I only went to a few houses with them and then Brad took them around while I stayed back to hand out candy. They went all around the neighborhood for about an hour. They had a great time and were so proud of all their "treats" they got from everyone.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Watching the girls clean out the pumpkin this year just cracked me up. I had more fun watching them then I've ever had cleaning one out myself. They both did a good job diggin in but look at some of Rylee's facial expressions...they are great.

Hands in for the first time. Sadie liked it but Rylee kind of turned her lip up.

But they went in for more.

Showing me the "little" bits they kept grabbing out. Sadie was so proud of the 1 or 2 seeds she pulled out at a time. Again, Rylee is not too sure.

I told Rylee to put her hand in and grab a big handful and she did but then she started to gag. I laughed so hard. This picture still cracks me up when I look at it. I guess she takes after me there too. When I was a little kid, the dentist office had me labeled as a "gagger".

She finally pulled out a big handful and didn't even gag. Although I don't think she exactly loved it. Sadie's just staring at it and not too sure what to think of it either.

After the girls finished cleaning out the pumpkin, Rylee got to help draw the face on the pumpkin. She took that job pretty seriously (she loves to draw). She actually did a pretty good job for a 3 year old.

The girls in their jammies, sitting on the porch with their finished product.

So proud of their pumpkin. Love this picture of my girls!