Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sadie's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Sadie's birthday party Saturday night of Memorial day weekend. My parents and my brother and his girlfriend all came down for the weekend. The weather was nice all weekend...but unfortunately it decided to rain Saturday night. Luckily it just rained a little so we were still able to use our screened in porch and at least be outside a little. Sadie had a lot of fun at her party and I have tons of pictures from throughout the night.

Happy 2nd Birthday pretty girl! We love you Sadie Bear!

This one of her laughing is my favorite from the night. She just started doing this where she covers her mouth like that when she laughs real hard. Its so dang cute...haha!

It was a Dora and Boots themed party. She loves "Boots" so that's why I had to mention him.

Like most 2 year olds, she loves balloons! This one was her favorite out of them all because Dora and Boots were on there. She played with this one a lot (and it lasted forever)!

Rylee and Quincy looking cute, sitting in the princess chairs.

Sadie with Gramma and Grampa...I'm not sure what kind of face she is making but it was the best shot I got.

Sadie with her Godparents (the Dippold's)...I forgot to get a picture of her with Brad and I...since I'm always the one taking the pictures I forget that sometimes.

The kids eating their dinner so they can have cake later.

Sadie had so much fun opening her presents this year! Last year she didn't really care for it but this year she sure did. Here Grampa is giving her her first present to was a Dora and boots doll (from Auntie Nessa and Quincy) and she was so excited, she couldn't get it out of the bag fast enough.

Uncle Brad and Dana got her a princess crown, tutu and purse that all matched. She put the crown on and did a little dance for all of us with it on...wish I would've had my video camera on for that one.

This present was for Rylee and Sadie from Quincy. He got them a big princess pool, which they got to use that weekend and they loved it! He was so proud of his gifts and couldn't wait for the girls to open them, so cute!

She got a really cool Schwinn tricycle from the Dippold's.

She loved her "Sadie" step stool from the Kreider's. Rylee has one with her name on it from them so Sadie thought it was cool that she had one now too..."we match!" she said.

Giving hugs and kisses to Gramma and saying thanks for her basketball hoop. Thanks to everyone for coming and all the wonderful gifts.

Cake time!

Looking at the cake and "lightly" blowing as we sing happy birthday.

That's better, she got it!

Rylee and Q wanted to check out the cake too. They were all claiming the little figurines on the cake and what piece they want.

As you can see from that smile, she liked the cake, and had a great time at her party!


Anonymous said...

REALLY have enjoyed this post! It makes us feel like we were a part of this special day, too! It's hard being far away, but the blog keeps us "connected" in such a great way! Looking forward to hearing all about Rylee's 4th birthday celebration yesterday, and seeing cute photos of her big day - we all thought about you guys a lot yesterday, and hoped her party was extra-special and filled with FUN! Enjoy the last few precious weeks of summer! Love to all - Auntie Susie and the "gang!"

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